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Russia Central Bank Unveils Ruble Bound to Gold!5000 Rubles per Gram

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The Russian Central Bank has publicly stated that the Russian Ruble currency would be Bound to Gold as of March 28, 2022. The rate per gram of gold bullion is 5,000 Rubles.

Each TROY ounce has 32 grams. 160,000 Rubles is 32 grammes times 5,000 rubles each gram. 

The Ruble to US Dollar exchange rate is 100 Rubles to 90 Kopecs per US Dollar.

When Rubles are bound to Gold at 5000 Rubles per gram and there are 32 grams in a TROY ounce, one ounce of gold costs 160,000 Rubles. When converted to US Dollars, gold costs $1600 per ounce when using Rubles rather than $1,928 per ounce when using Dollars.

When it comes to Gold Bullion, Russia has just stripped away nearly 30% of the value of the US Dollar globally.

Worse, because Russia will only sell its oil and gas in Rubles, and Rubles are now set at 5,000 Rubles per gram, anyone who wants to buy oil or gas will have to pay in Rubles or gold, and the gold they tender as payment will not be worth the US Dollar value!

People all over the world will throw their money at the Ruble, dumping their Dollars and Euros in the process.

Russia has just blown an economic equivalent of a nuclear bomb.

Muammar Quadaffi of Libya was the last person on the earth to try to support a currency with gold.

NATO bombarded Libya until the Libyan people seized Quadaffi on the street, thrashed him, and shot him in the head.

Until this hour, 10:39 p.m. EDT, I believe bankers around the world are on the call with one another and with heads of state, informing them that what Russia has done will destroy both the US Dollar and the Euro and that those bankers will tell the heads of state that World War 3 must start shortly.

Let's discuss why

The Russian Central Bank today tied the ruble to gold.

Russia said last week that it would only sell oil and gas in Rubles.

This indicates that Russian oil and gas are pegged to Gold, with Rubles serving as a substitute for the bullion.

Impact: Europe (which depends on Russian gas and oil) will now have to buy Rubles from Putin in gold or pay for the oil and gas in gold.

The FOREX Rate for Rubles to Dollars is now around 100:1.

But with 5,000 Rubles now equaling one gram of Gold and oil valued straight in Gold, the FOREX markets will see a massive price disruption in aspects of how much Gold a Dollar can still purchase.

Foreign countries that keep our Dollar Debt Notes in Reserve will see an instant and far less use for them and will want to start dropping them in favour of something more reliable and something that retains its worth.

Fundamentally, any currency that is pegged to gold will suffice. This means that countries like Japan will begin unloading their Dollar Debt as soon as possible and they will not go down that route! They will switch to more stable currencies, such as the Ruble.

The Ruble will become more valuable throughout time as a result of this DE-flationary effect.

This also means that Putin can re-peg the Ruble to 500, 50, or 10 at any time. For him, IT is becoming increasingly valuable.

The immediate impact of all those foreign countries dumping their Dollar Reserves is that all those excess Dollars will start flowing back, sparking even worse hyperinflation than we already have in the USA.

Is it any surprise that Biden was on stage last week asking for Russia's regime to change? He is about to have masses of disappointed and struggling to survive Americans rallying through the streets here at home demanding a response.

Russian President Vladimir Putin posted a video statement regarding what happened with the Ruble-Gold Binding Agreement.

In that statement, Putin claims that Western nations have simply stolen Russia's foreign currency reserves and gold bullion reserves, shattering global trust in the West's so-called "First-Class" investment safety.

People will now ditch their Dollar and Euro holdings for secure investments like land, food, and raw resources, he says.

Putin's point is correct.

The effect of what Russia has just achieved is a real blade to the heart of the US Dollar and the Euro.

No one will need such currencies, and since the United States rarely produces anything domestically, when foreign nations stop accepting the dollar as payment, the United States and Europe would face severe scarcity of everything.

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