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The transhumanist crypto case

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It seems like bitcoin can be a helping hand for medical science as well.

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Anyone who wants to live forever needs appropriate money. Bitcoin is the ticket for many people. It is the first, largest and most decentralized cryptocurrency. It is widespread - from private investors to pension funds to nation states. Have a long-lasting brand. It has to be proved that this is Lindy's latest discovery, the idea that ancient phenomena are less ephemeral because they have been around the longest.

But who wants to live forever? As a historical fact, it turns out that there were many early supporters of cryptocurrencies! How fit! Transhumanists, a broad category of people who want to improve the human condition – prolong life or extinguish death, spread happiness and eradicate suffering through technology – see Bitcoin as a powerful tool in their arsenal. Needless to say, many of the earliest defenders of crypto had ties to the transhumanist movement. Many influential "crypto residents" still do. There are many flavors of transhumanism:

  • posthumanism
  • cyborgism
  • immorality
  • biohackers
  • singularities

The basic idea is that individual human potential is not limited by our bodies, biology, or even the evolutionary process of natural selection. There's a pill for that!

Nanotechnology, biotechnology, information technology and cognitive science sometimes abbreviated as NBIC - stand on the edge of scientific progress and push the boundaries of what is physically and mentally feasible. One day we may have a brain-computer interface that blends artificial and natural intelligence, enhances our memory, and expands the scope of our knowledge indefinitely. Maybe we have a pill to induce a state of happiness. Who knows?

“Pure technical barriers to transhumanism that I think are diminishing,” said David Pierce, co-founder of the World Transhumanist Association (WTA), now known as Humanity+. He was right to a certain extent. With the combination of technology, humans have gone beyond their natural limits. Death may now be a condition for all living things, but it may not be for the beings we become - or can create.

There are already several non-profits and non-profits that freeze human corpses, once living people hoping to be resurrected in the near future when science finds solutions to illness, depression, and death. New York University digital culture researcher Finn Branton calls these people "Estropians" and describes the relationship between cryptography and crypto.

From the future week of money:

 Unable to know the state of the world in which they were born, the dead "temporarily" need money in order for banks and even governments to survive. Many are libertarians and believe that the US dollar will collapse. But you don't have to be a futurist to believe that Bitcoin will exist as long as the internet exists. Decentralized enough, Bitcoin is not a hedge against inflation, but (theoretically) social collapse.

Everything looks like gambling. But stay with me and keep the phone ethical. Transhumanism - literally "beyond human" - focuses on setting artificial boundaries for human existence as well as additional technology. On the one hand, Pierce sees genetics as the field of creating the perfect human subject. He noted that the human genome was not even deciphered when the WTA was founded. Since then, we've been learning more and more about the basic building blocks of life each year - and at some point, we can shape them the way we want. And why not choose perfection?

The "morphological freedom" to design babies to have beneficial traits – to be smarter, more athletic, more forgiving than their peers – means identifying and eliminating bad genes. This is really artificial selection. Similarly, Bitcoin founder Satoshi Nakamoto has arbitrarily capped his cash flow - 21 million BTC. Some maximalists envision a world where all economic activity flows through the Bitcoin network, which will outperform other currencies. Bitcoin has a number of advantages over fiat systems: unlimited, censorship-resistant, and has billing finality. Its value has only increased since it was published. More importantly, it is bigger than any government can control.

In both cases of transhumanism and hyperbitcoinization, a small elite will reign supreme. Bitcoin's scarcity means that not everyone can share wealth equally, and its deflationary nature rewards early adopters. Although Pierce and many transhumanists are largely utilitarian and defend whatever will produce the happiest people (sometimes animals) in the future, he is not a redistributor.

  • In his book The Hedonistic Imperative, Pierce argues that the world would be a better place if all people, like Microsoft founder Bill Gates, were rich and endowed with good genes. Whatever happens after humans like Gates, whom we will create using the most transformative technology, it means the rest of humanity is obsolete - unable to keep up.
  • Not every bitcoin is a transhumanist, and not every transhumanist is a eugenicist, but it's worth seeing how movements relate to and speak to one another. One lesson from a decade of   is not whether something is technically possible, but whether the social and cultural will is there. What Lindy has to offer most is the knowledge that technology – always an extension of itself – can always slip out of our control.
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