What a $600 million hack reveals about the status of crypto, as per Ronin Network

Divya Khurana
Thousands, if not millions, of people, could have lost funds as a result of the world's second-largest crypto breach.

Crypto fraud documentary on Netflix garners a lot of hype

Divya Khurana
The conspiracy concept about the creator faking his death hit a chord with viewers of the video, particularly those who were familiar with the entire narrative.

Delta Investment Tracker integrates an NFT explorer to its Web3 offering

Divya Khurana
The latest NFT tracker and explorer services will initially support Ethereum wallets, with multi-chain functionality planned by the end of the year.

Opera merges Bitcoin, Solana, Polygon, and five more blockchain

Divya Khurana
Opera's multichain compatibility is part of the Crypto Browser project effort, and it intends to make Web3 more accessible to the world's more than 380 million mobile and desktop users.

Gold industry uses blockchain for supply chain management and scam prevention

Divya Khurana
The new blockchain-based project, according to LBMA CEO Ruth Crowell, can assist in enhancing "confidence" in the "integrity and accountability" of gold traded.

What is a cryptocurrency mixer and how does it work?

Haider Malvi
It is important to understand how Cryptocurrency mixer works and how it is used in practice so here is a detailed description of all the things you should know about cryptocurrency mixers.

As per reports, Coinbase said close to a deal to acquire the owner of Brazil's largest crypto exchange

Divya Khurana
According to the local newspaper Estado, an agreement could be unveiled by the end of April.

Rio de Janeiro to adopt Bitcoin for real estate taxes from 2023

Divya Khurana
Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao declared the opening of a new office in the Brazilian city in favour of Mayor Eduardo Paes' cause, noting, He's done his part. We are working on ours.”

Coinbase to need receiver details for crypto transfers from users in Canada, Singapore and Japan

Divya Khurana
Beginning in early April, users in these nations who send crypto outside of their Coinbase accounts must submit the names and addresses of the receivers.

LG Electronics expands into blockchain and crypto

Haider Malvi
 South Korean tech giant LG Electronics has announced plans to incorporate cryptocurrency and blockchain into its business development.

Ukraine establishes 'NFT Museum' for fundraising and commemorate

Divya Khurana
The first release from the MetaHistory NFT Museum could emerge as early as Tuesday

Meta signs a deal for 3D ads in step toward the metaverse

Divya Khurana
Through a new deal with an eCommerce technology company, Meta Platforms Inc will make it simple for brands to display three-dimensional ads on its Facebook and Instagram social media platforms.

Cryptocurrency trades in rubles drop as the ECB issues a new warning on sanctions

Haider Malvi
According to ECB President Christine Lagarde, cryptocurrency constitutes a "threat" to global security, but this is in stark contrast to real-world data and expert opinion.

Portsmouth adopts Bitcoin payments for city bills

Divya Khurana
According to reports, the mayor stated that City Hall has discovered more about cryptocurrencies and blockchain, and also how to use them to enhance city services.

BTC bonds will not be issued by El Salvador until September: Report

Haider Malvi
Besides delaying the issuance of Bitcoin bonds, the Salvadoran government has also slowed down the buying of Bitcoins.

Qualcomm announces $100 million Metaverse fund

Divya Khurana
A grant project for developers creating enhanced reality-focused gaming, healthcare, wellness, media, and entertainment experiences will also be funded with the grant.

How NFTs develop a 'beautiful cycle' among artists and fans

Divya Khurana
At an Australia Blockchain Week event, panelists discussed how the NFT sector has evolved optimistically because of direct connections between artists and fans.

In 2022, Crypto.com to be official sponsor of FIFA World Cup in Qatar

Divya Khurana
https://tokeneo.com/naomi-osaka-tennis-player-joins-ftx-crypto-exchange-as-ambassador/Even though crypto trading has been mainly unlawful in Qatar since 2018, Crypto.com is expected to reach out to a wider international audience because of soccer's global popularity.

Naomi Osaka, tennis player, joins FTX crypto exchange as ambassador

Divya Khurana
Naomi Osaka is promoting the crypto exchange with seven-time Super Bowl champion Tom Brady, Brazilian supermodel Gisele Bündchen, and NBA star Stephen Curry.

Australian Senator intends milestone Digital Services Act

Divya Khurana
The proposed law plan will resolve concerns in crypto custody, taxes, and DAO functions to safeguard consumers from fraudulent players in the sector.

Malaysian official calls for the legalization of crypto and NFTs

Haider Malvi
In the past, Malaysia's finance minister warned that crypto payments were illegal since they did not meet money's universal characteristics.

El Salvador appears to postpone the release of 'volcano bonds'

Divya Khurana
The government has frequently stated that the launch will take place by March 20, but it seems that it will not happen.

Attempt to access client data hosted by Hubspot was confirmed by BlockFi

Haider Malvi
Hubspot, which is a third-party vendor for BlockFi, stored user data such as names, emails, and phone numbers, which has historically been used to conduct phishing attacks.

The digital dollar idea from Biden is a good thing for Indian cryptocurrency investors

Haider Malvi
Within a month of the announcement of India's Union Budget 2022 about the arrival of a digital rupee, US President Joe Biden signed an executive order establishing a national policy for digital assets and a digital dollar.

DAOs will never develop above their present state without the help of robots

Divya Khurana
Current DAO models would be free of human error thanks to artificial intelligence.

Qatar explores Digital Currencies and Digital Banks

Haider Malvi
In the near future, the central bank will specify its future focus, including various fintech verticals

Bitcoin Bonds In El Salvador May Be Delayed

Haider Malvi
It was previously suggested that the bond sale could come as soon as this week by the country's finance minister

Australian competition authority takes Meta to court over fake crypto ads

Divya Khurana
The ACCC specifically mentioned unauthorized or supported "scam" advertisements involving notable Australian people such as entrepreneur Dick Smith, TV host David Koch, and former NSW premier Mike Baird.

Ukraine's leading savings bank suspends Bitcoin purchases in hryvnia

Divya Khurana
Even after Ukraine's advances in crypto legislation, locals are reportedly not able to purchase Bitcoin using their PrivatBank bank accounts.

Rebase / Elastic Token: How Does It Work?

Haider Malvi
Rebase tokens function similarly to stablecoins, but with one important difference.
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