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Metaverse needs a constitution

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Metaverse needs to have proper rule book to control it, it needs a constitution of its own.


The US Constitution is the foundation of America and guarantees the rights and obligations of every American. Today, as we speak, another new world is being created: the metaverse. Without some of the same guiding principles, we fear that the Metaverse as a public open system will fail and remedy the glaring flaws of social media on steroids alone. Before we knew he could, Facebook dominated opinion polls, and Twitter was embroiled in scandal and public security censorship. Without the necessary attention, the Metaverse can turn into a much more terrifying monster.

We must not be exploited by the metaverse. Rather, it should serve us. For that we need a constitution. First, the basic building blocks must consist of open standards and open sources. Second, all data policies must be transparent and understandable. Finally, all research conducted on the Metaverse should be immediately available to the public. We need to define exactly what a metaverse is and what it isn't. Meriam Webster describes the Metaverse as "a highly immersive virtual world where people come together to communicate, play and work". Many might think that Cannon Webster's definition of the metaverse accurately describes our entire lives during the blockade; The only place to communicate with other people is on the internet. A rudimentary metaverse is already there, having only one name.

It is also important to note that Metaverse is not owned by any company and certainly not invented by Facebook. Rather, its rebranding is an attempt to co-opt it and thus dominate it. Facebook invested $10 billion this year alone. Bloomberg Intelligence estimates that the market size of the meta universe could reach $800 billion by 2024. We may not know how it will turn out, we just know it will. When social media first entered the market, no one expected that it would be used to overthrow the government. Today we are at this point of Pandora's box with the metaverse. That's why we propose a constitution for the metaverse. We believe it is important to set simple rules that can help us avoid the same mistakes we have made in the past.

Before we enter the modern metaverse, we must first determine who has access to their main building blocks, and the answer must be everyone. When Tim-Burners Lee created the Internet, he published important pieces such as open source that are free and accessible to everyone. His vision was that the Internet would be a common property, like American public land; a place that always belongs to everyone and to no one. Metaverse and future networking should work on the same principle. At the very least we should keep everything that is publicly available visible and accessible for everyone to see and change.

The second principle of the metaverse is that data policies are transparent and understandable. Companies like Facebook, Twitter and Google can state that they reject the data. However, as everyone knows, even the most diligent human brain cannot read, much less understand, this famous scenario. Otherwise, the retrieval and retrieval of personal data in the meta universe could be the most powerful surveillance mechanism ever invented. Through Metaverse and its conditional headsets, companies can collect unimaginable amounts of malicious biometric data. Before we allow ourselves or our children to jump right into this digital world, we must first know who is watching and how.

The metauniverse constitution may sound arrogant, but there are practical ways to put it into practice. Governments may enforce fair game laws and regulations on the Metaverse; Corporate earnings are required to be published by law, a company Metaverse survey can easily follow similar rules. In early 2016, an internal report on Facebook found that 64% of people who joined an extremist group on Facebook were recommended to the group via Facebook's algorithms, although these results were not published. There is no reason why this form of concealment should not be a criminal offence.

While ultimate power comes from the government, companies have a role to play. It is common for consortia of individuals and companies to come together to agree on a set of ground rules (usually a patent pool or agreement to share data with a group) and to set new standards the industry is committed to following. It's just a matter of collective will. But multinational companies also have bosses; Public. Apple's efforts to protect data and rebrand Facebook show that regardless of the company's size, public opinion holds true. When the audience showed sufficient taste for Metaverse makeup, Big Tech's hands were tied.

This is not new territory; Internet dad Tim Berner-Lee has called for a global "rights law" for the Internet. During this critical time for the network, it is recommended to listen to the call. New technologies have the ability to solve old problems and create new problems at the same time. Tim Berners-Lee said: "Daily life online is like everyday life on the road, it will have rough edges." The metauniverse constitution will avoid these smooth edges and at the same time protect itself from the rough ones.

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