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CryptoGames Review – Learn why the world-renowned crypto casino is the first choice of thousands of ardent gamblers

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Advancements in technology have changed the world forever. Every sector of life has been changed dramatically by this revolutionary change, particularly the entertainment industry which has been altered completely and is unrecognizable from what it was a few decades back.

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This extreme wave of change has thoroughly impacted the gambling sector where outstanding changes were made in every corner of the industry. Innovative technologies such as Blockchain and cryptocurrencies were integrated into the system which ultimately led to the birth of online casinos. These online casinos rose to tackle the huge influx of online gamblers who loved the fact that they no longer had to bother about being physically present in certain locations to engage in their favorite activity of gambling. These gambling sites meant that gamblers could now gamble from the comfort of their own home, saving time and energy – which they can invest back in gambling. Furthermore, cryptocurrency being used in the place of traditional fiat currency opened a whole new world of opportunities for the gambling world. Cryptocurrency meant more flexible modes of financial transactions which ultimately led to a higher amount of earning for gamblers. Together, all of these ignited the rise of the online casinos in the gambling world, which became more and more prominent as the years rolled on.

The online casinos continued to grow in popularity as more and more gamblers flocked to these gambling sites to partake in their favorite past-times. To accommodate the hordes of online gamblers, more online casinos were created to adhere to their demands for quality gambling. Unfortunately, many of these gambling sites are insufficiently equipped to tackle the enormous influx of gamblers and were in no position to provide their services to the ardent gamblers. As a result many gamblers were disheartened and developed a twisted impression of what the world of online casinos had to offer. The elite online casino CryptoGames recognizes this dire situation, which is why it comes with a fantastic set of attributes and noteworthy features through which it can meet expectations of any devoted gambler. 

CryptoGames provides a mesmerizing set of services

CryptoGames has always maintained a commanding position in the world of gambling. Its top-level set of services has thoroughly pleased its community of users who are extremely fond of the wonderful casino and all it has to offer. It has adapted numerous effective security protocols which provide impenetrable security to user cryptocurrency. Users here relish flawless and smooth deposit and withdrawal options and can transfer their funds with relative ease. Its mesmerizing library of old school games will attract both novice and veteran gamblers.  The moderators and operators of the site are extremely dependable, communicative and efficient at keeping the site running at tip-top condition. Users can choose to communicate with them easily about any queries or issues they might face.  With these outstanding set of services, CryptoGames continues to maintain a prominent position in the gambling industry and sets a standard that few online casinos can ever meet.

Security protocols adapted by CryptoGames provide indestructible security to user funds

Despite the extreme positivity the internet has brought into our lives through blessings such as online gambling, there are some black clouds which make the internet a dangerous place. These are malicious hackers and online attackers, who attempt to get hold of valuable cryptocurrency through illegal means. These atrocious attackers particularly prey on gambling sites with feeble security which they breach to claim invaluable user funds.  To safeguard user funds, a gambling site must adapt advanced security measures strong enough to deter the attempts of hackers.

CryptoGames has integrated multiple security protocols into its system to prevent user fund theft and provide invulnerable security to users’ cryptocurrency. Two-factor authentication and SSL encryption were adapted by the casino and these prevent a hacker from gaining user funds or user data even if they get hold of user accounts and passwords. In cases where two factor authentications are disabled and hackers manage to get into user accounts, they will be unable to attain any cryptocurrencies as email verification is obligatory to achieve this. In the case of an extremely dire event, where attackers launch a direct attack on the casino, their attempts will be futile as CryptoGames stores user funds in cold wallets. All of these sophisticated security measures show how serious CryptoGames is about user security and that it has taken all crucial steps required to provide shatterproof security for their funds.

Enjoy flawless and smooth transaction option

For a casino to function properly it must have flexible deposit and withdrawal options which will ensure smooth and seamless flow of cryptocurrency throughout the casino. Many casinos have stiff and sluggish transaction options which results in a horrendous loss of valuable time due to slow transactions. The elite gambling site, CryptoGames has identified this extreme importance of efficient financial options which is why integrated a plethora of measures to simplify and expedite its transactions. Here, users can make deposits or withdrawals through 10 different types of cryptocurrency, thereby giving users a multitude of options to make their financial endeavours easier.  CryptoGames supports transactions made with any of the following cryptocurrencies- Bitcoin, Dogecoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dash, Gas, Monero, Stratis, Bitcoin Cash and Ethereum Classic. The casino has also kept a test currency known as “Play Money” which users can use to try out various strategies and techniques without spending or risking anything from their own funds.

The casino has also integrated an advanced system known as “Coinswitch” which allows users to deposit and withdraw different forms of altcoins which the casino itself does not support. Users deposit their altcoins through the Coinswitch interface which will automatically convert the coin to one of the coins supported by CryptoGames. Once, the user has finished gambling, he can withdraw the coins using the same exchange platform again which will automatically convert them to the form of coin the user wishes to take. All of these contribute heavily into saving valuable time and energy, which users can invest into their favourite activity of gambling.

Relish countless promotions and events which will revitalize your gambling endeavours

The magnificent gambling site, CryptoGames is widely acclaimed in the gambling world for its celebrations of plentiful promotional events. These celebratory events give the CryptoGames community of users a wonderful opportunity to relax, enjoy and win huge amounts of free coins, voucher codes, lottery tickets and other lucrative gifts! All these fun events are announced through the CryptoGames social media account and the Bitcointalk forum. For holiday events such as Halloween or Christmas, users are given free coins and are able to participate in numerous custom games hosted by the administrators. The past year, CryptoGames held special Easter and Thanksgiving events where everyone received free coins, even through their emails! Every Monday the casino hosts a special No Bet Speed Limit event, where users can claim a higher number of coins as a larger number of bets per second can be placed. Mondays will never be the same again!

Enjoy cool incentives like faucet and be rewarded for your friendliness with Rain

The casino also has useful incentives like faucet which hand out free coins to users that can be used to test strategies. These “no-risk” coins play a major role in the development of one’s potential as a gambler as these give important opportunities to try out strategies and techniques without incurring any losses or spending anything from their own pocket. The users with higher levels of faucet gets more coins as a form of reward than those with lower levels. In order to raise faucet levels a user must complete a specific set of tasks. Users can claim up to 6,150 satoshi when they reach the maximum level of faucet.

CryptoGames further rewards its users through Rain. Rain rewards active chatters at random intervals with free coins for their efficient communication and their contribution to the community. This creates a much friendlier atmosphere in the community as users are rewarded for being kind and helpful to each other and thereby contributing to a healthy community of gamblers. Moreover spammers are not given anything as the system is smart enough to detect them.

Get a chance to win a humongous jackpot!

There are games which have massive jackpots, which any gambler would love to win! Bitcoin Slot has a jackpot which allows users to win up to 5 BTC. Right now, all ardent gamblers in the casino have their eyes transfixed on the progressive jackpots of Dice and Roulette! The bitcoin dice and roulette jackpot currently stands at a staggering 3.83 BTC, waiting to be taken by a single lucky gambler.  Altcoins have their own jackpot! So, there is nothing to miss out if you play using altcoin.

Participate in invigorating monthly wagering contests

CryptoGames loves a healthy competitive atmosphere which is why it hosts wagering contests every month. These contests become the battleground for the gamblers of the casino who would stop at nothing to rise to the top of the leader boards. Both novice and veteran gamblers alike compete against each other putting their gambling expertise and luck to the ultimate test. The winners of these contests are announced as champions of the month and are awarded with remunerative prizes. They are also given VIP tags which grant them exclusive access to site wide features! The tags will be there till the start of the next tournament, giving the victors sufficient time to enjoy the spoils of their victory. The following is a list of rewards given to the top position holders of the leaderboard which may be subject to future change: 

  • BitcoinCash: Top position holders are awarded a total of 5 prizes that sum up to 18.5 BCH.
  • Bitcoin: 3.84 and 828 lotto tickets are distributed among the top 10 players based on their position.
  • Dash: Top 5 position holders are given a total of 18.50 DASH.
  • Dogecoin:  975,000.00 DOGE and 320 lotto tickets are distributed among the top 5 players.
  • Ethereumclassic:  185.00 ETC is distributed among the top 5 players based on their position.
  • Ethereum: 21.80 ETH and 828 lotto tickets are distributed among the top 10 players.
  • NeoGas: 290.00 GAS total bonuses is distributed among the top 10 players.
  • Litecoin:  42.50 LTC total bonuses and 790 lotto tickets are distributed among the top 7 players.
  • Stratis: 1,155.00 STRAT total bonuses are distributed among the top 5 players based on their position
  • Monero - 23.30 XMR total bonuses distributed among the top 5 players.

Relish a lifetime of heavenly gambling with CryptoGames

A gambler must make the best use of his time if he wants to live up to his full gambling potential. He must invest it in gambling completely instead of wasting it over trivial matters such as slow financial transactions. He must ensure absolute security of his user funds and must find a place where he can compete with fellow gamblers in a healthy environment.
The elite gambling CryptoGames makes a staggering breakthrough here as it helps gamblers in realising their true potential. Its user-friendly smooth interface makes navigation through the site a piece of cake for everyone. Smooth and seamless deposit and withdrawal options enable a fluent flow of cryptocurrency by flexible and swift financial transactions. Invulnerable security protocols protect user funds in even the direst cases. Users compete against each other in the monthly wagering contests here, gaining lots of free coins and earn the reputation of champions. All of these handy services assist CryptoGames in maintaining its high standard in the gambling community and helps its users attain their maximum potential as a gambler.
 Lastly, CryptoGames does not focus only on making profits, it cares deeply about its user’s wellbeing. The casino has taken crucial steps to make sure that users are always gambling responsibly. If users ever feel they are spending too much time on gambling, there is a “Self Exclude” option which can be accessed by going to the account settings. Support is always there to be contacted if needed. Thus through its services CryptoGames has gained the love and support of the members of its user base. Become a part of this fabulous online casino and make your gambling dreams come true!

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