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Cryptocurrency prices: Ethereum, EOS, Tezos and Chanilnik gaining the lead

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Yesterday’s session was mostly positive for all cryptocurrencies. Although, Bitcoin has started the increases, the altcoins has gained the most!

crypto price increase

Current cryptocurrency prices

Currently, among the cryptocurrencies that increased its price the most, Ethereum has taken the lead. ETH price increased by 14,72% over last 24 hours. Most of the projects from the CoinMarketCap top 20 gained over 5%, the coins that also deserve attention are: Tezos (12,63%), EOS (11,97%) oraz Chainlink (11,81%).

altcoins prices

Fear and Greed Index on the cryptocurrency market, remains on the extremely high level. Although, it is lower by 8 points than it was yesterday, and a week ago.

cryptocurrency market fear index

XTZ, EOS and LINK price charts situation

During the analysis of the weekly chart of XTZ, we may think, that the increases in this case are big, but in in fact, they are not. Yesterday’s Tezos session was opened on 1,67 USD, and closed on 1,89 USD. Despite it was a 13,04% change, XTZ price still did not bounce back to where it was at the beginning of march.

7 day price xtz

EOS was right behind XTZ. In this case, the cryptocurrency itself did not regain its strength. However, EOS made some progress, rising from 2,36 to about 2,80 USD. Current EOS price is 2,74 USD.

eos 7 days

Among the day winners of the yesterday’s session there comes Chainlink. In this case, in the 30-day range, the increase is not big. They can be seen from the 7-day perspective.

link 7 day price

Yesterday’s LINK session was opened at 2,28 USD and closed on 2,51. In the meantime, Chainlink’s price reached 2,64 USD.

Let us know, what do you think about Bitcoin increases? Will altcoins follow BTC path in upcoming days?

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